What We Look For

  • Large, growing and global markets with hard problems that can be solved through technology and partnership
  • World class technology innovators and start-up teams
  • Technology Culture
    We define a strong technology culture as one that celebrates:
    • Mission-orientation such that top engineers join as employee 10 or 15, with long-term incentives aligned to equity value creation (cash salaries of under $100k when Google and Facebook pay two or three times that);
    • Product and business decisions that are data-driven, transparent, iterative, and meritocratic;
    • Entrepreneurial hunger to dream big and chase the impossible, combined with discipline to set milestones and execute; and,
    • Humility to seek advisors and mentors and to share ideas and listen.
  • Smart Enterprise
    We believe emerging smart enterprise platforms will replace the decades old technology infrastructure behind many industries. The Smart Enterprise Wave describes our thesis in more detail. Smart enterprise companies:
    • Integrate heterogeneous big data and empower knowledge workers to solve non-linear problems;
    • Leverage recent IT advances to solve critical challenges in major industries;
    • And have the potential to harness network effects within industry verticals and become platforms, increasing innovation by enabling novel applications to quickly spread throughout the industry.
  • Energy Technology
    We invest in transformative energy technologies that impact the entire energy value chain. Some of the representative themes include digital oil & gas field, downstream applications of natural gas, water/energy nexus, smart grid, energy storage, and building energy management. These companies:
    • Are cost competitive without subsidies;
    • Have minimal regulatory and government risk;
    • And work with validated strategic partners.