Why We Invested in Glow

October 2, 2014
By Joe Lonsdale

First and foremost, we invest in driven entrepreneurs who we believe will change the world. It goes without saying that with Glow, Mike Huang and Max Levchin have built a company with an outstanding engineering culture and “do good” mentality. Beyond the team, which blends some of the top tech and data-science expertise from both the U.S. and China, we truly believe in their mission: providing women with insights into their health.

We are always particularly excited to be involved in a company with a mission to fix something that is broken in our world. The health space is huge, and growing every day, but few startups are tackling these types of hard problems and developing solutions to improve lives at this scale. Scientific studies on women’s health have been poorly underserved – the last general women’s reproductive health study took place more than 50 years ago. Updated research and personalized education in the reproductive health space is desperately needed.

Just over a year from launch, Glow is already demonstrating the impact data science can have in tackling unanswered questions – and they’re currently putting together one of the largest fertility studies in human history.

Glow intelligently engages women and their partners, taking the data they input into the app and giving them personalized, scientifically-backed information about their health and wellbeing. The product itself is beautiful, simple and engaging. Women who use the apps are empowered to make more informed decisions about their health, career and life – I’ve personally heard from numerous friends that use it daily and love the product.

I have so much respect for Max and Mike – I actually interned at PayPal in college and later became friends with Max while we were building Palantir, and have been hearing about Mike’s talent since he was with Max at Slide. During meetings with the Glow team in both San Francisco and Shanghai I was amazed with their progress, clear early market product fit and dedication to improving women’s health education. Formation 8 is thrilled to lead Glow’s $17 million Series B round, with myself joining the board. We’re bullish on its rapidly growing global user base and its ability to positively impact the lives of women and couples all over the world. Glow’s potential is truly endless, and Formation 8 is humbled to join them as they continue this journey.