Formation 8 Design Meetups

The Formation 8 Design meet up is a monthly gathering of designers from Formation 8’s portfolio companies that support one another in designing world-class products.

It is a community for sharing ideas, receiving honest and constructive critiques, and learning about the latest developments in design.

Why we exist

Our meet ups serve as a shared platform for design-related knowledge. Both in terms of building the product and building a design team and culture.

We help one another ramp up through collective knowledge and experience.

Our companies focus on enterprise and specific industries with an emphasis on data—similar design challenges arise and we’re able to share solutions and insights gleaned from work done by adjacent portfolio companies.

We help accelerate learning.

The growth and pace of change in tech means designers are constantly learning while building. The community sees first hand how other teams have adopted new software or flows in their design processes and can engage with those teams to see how the new software and flows can be embedded within their own processes.

We provide community.

Our companies typically have few designers—having a community of like-minded individuals is invaluable. Senior designers that have grown with their companies are able to share their experiences and advise younger designers at earlier stage companies.

We help with recruiting.

We provide a united front for design recruitment. Typically, enterprise companies must convince designers of the attractiveness of the enterprise space before selling them on the specific industry and then the company. Formation 8 aims to own the messaging of that first piece of recruitment. Via the community, we draw in candidates attracted to the enterprise space in general and then find a match with a portfolio company from there.


The meetups take place at our portfolio companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We alternate between SF and the Peninsula, with a different company hosting each meetup.


The meetups are held once a month, typically the last Thursday, from 6-8pm.

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